Back to work

blah… what a weird day it is for me.

so i’ve been off work for a little over a week now and have finally returned. would much rather be home. still feel burnt out on this place. but we have some new xbox banners hanging around the office so at least there is a slight change of scenery.

so i dont know whats up with my head and/or my heart.

i was watching a Babylon 5 episode yesterday entitled “Day of the Dead” An alien species, I forget their name, has a single comet in their solar system associated with the dead and every 200 or so years it swings by. Those of this race on Babylon 5 wanted of course to participate in the festivities of their religious festival and so contracted to purchase a piece of the station for the night (they are night dwellers so the day of the dead occurs at sundown).

During the time of this event, the sold section of the station becomes entrapped within strange energies and the crew within the affected section are visited by the deceased…

Anyway, as I’m watching all this, I start thinking to myself about some hypothetical lover I have that I lost to the veil and who returned for one last night together. And at that point I about lost it entirely… psyched myself into a bit of depression I think and its spilled over into today. And all over someone who doesn’t even exist.


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