Between the darkness and the light…

I suppose what defines Art is that which moves us. That which touches us and causes us to reflect on something–anything.

Film is what does it for me and having finished Babylon 5 (Which is what, almost a decade old now?) I’m certainly reflecting on something.

Its a sadness that I know will soon pass. Though the anticipation of it may be driving it somewhat. As I neared the end of the fifth and final season, I knew it would soon be over and I’d have no more. I never got to see the end of it on television, mostly due to its switch to cable for that last season. So in picking up the odd episode I missed along the way, there is a lot that I recently saw for the first time.

Its also made worse by it being one of those sad, good-bye episodes to begin with. In the commentary it was said the cast and crew were pretty choked up all through shooting and I don’t blame them.

It was very nice seeing Ivanova one last time too… even though it turns out this was filmed a year before at the end of the fourth season when it looked like they were shutting down. Hah. Just goes to show you I guess. But it certainly explains the last episode that was the conclusion to season 4, which included I think only flashback imagery of the cast (hard to remember being that its all flashback now… heh heh).

What I thought was interesting is that it still seemed relevent and believable for today just as it did back in the 90’s when I was finishing up high school.

Ah the nostalgia.

Time doesn’t creep up on you at all. It race by you so fast you don’t even see it ticking away. But sooner or later you start to feel it in your bones.

Like all good things…

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  1. of course i forget
    There is yet one more visit I get with my friends from Babylon 5… the transition to the rather short-lived follow-up series.
    A Sci-Fi original picture it would seem. Much better looking.
    (Ah… the dawn of a new age indeed… the dawn of computer-generated effects… B5 was rather pioneering bringing that to television given the state of movie magic back in that day.)
    I hear JMS has a Trek series he was pitching… maybe it’ll show up one day in the future when Trek returns. Or perhaps JMS can get me another B5 series.

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