The Power of Irrate Customers

Okay, so I had to stoop to levels I really don’t like to stoop too.. but these buggers left me no choice.

I had to become the un-understanding (would that be derstanding?), rude, and irrate guy who sends flame mail to get what he wants.

But this is only cause I was forced.

Okay, so my story.

The Sims 2 Nighlife was released on 9/15/2005. To take advantage of a special offer (an exclusive download that actually did turn out to be very cool and worthwhile…) I preordered the game from an online store we’ll call Gamestop. I could have chosen EA’s online store, or, but I have a special relationship with Gamestop and so wanted to give them my business.

So a week goes by after the launch date and it finally arrives in the mail. So I had to wait a whole week longer to get a game I could have picked up on the day it launched… All so I could get a stupid download. But guess what. No instructions for getting my bonus download. Those were supposed to be emailed to me in the first place, but when that didn’t happened, I just assumed I’d get it with the package. Well I didn’t.

So I emailed their customer support. This was on 9/22. I was my usual polite and cordial self and gently reminded them that they owed me this.

No response when I get home from work the next day. Normally you always get like an automated response saying ‘we got your mail, now wait for us to answer it’

So I send it again on 9/23 indicating I hadn’t gotten any response.

Well, on 9/26 I was really pissed off. No reply at all from them after two emails.

I’m too lazy to call, so I drafted a very strongly worded letter lecturing the folks at gamestop on what good customer service is and how they have grossly failed to provide it. (Be warned when giving bad service to a customer service professional. We know better and won’t buy your lame excuses.)

Today, two days after my third and flame mail, I finally get a reply out of them. Not one, but two. No appology for the trouble they caused though. No acknowledging they screwed up originally or that they didn’t bother to reply to my emails….

But I did get download instructions, and the code to get the download. Two of them in fact. lol. Too bad its the same object.

So while I’ll still visit my gamestop friends in their brick and mortor stores, I don’t think I’ll be ordering from these guys online again.

And the sad thing is, they did nothting to try and salvage the relationship after I specifically instructed them that they should. Afterall, I spend enormous sums of money on gaming each year and a fair share of that goes to Gamestop. (I mentioned that too but I guess they just don’t care.)

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