Fractured Heart

I keep putting myself through anguish
and keep allowing myself to be hurt.

For in the end the pain you bring upon me
will be the currency with which i buy back your love.

So I will let you fracture my heart
and burn away what is left of my sanity

I only pray that I am strong enough to survive it
that I not become twisted up inside my head.

Each blow to my heart kills another piece of me.
In the end you may destroy me.

And if so I hope that the shell that is left of me
will be worthy of your affections

For it is only through your love
That I can be reborn.

One Reply to “Fractured Heart”

  1. Fractured Heart
    That is an awesome ass piece!
    I feel your pain dude and I can totally relate to what you are saying!
    I couldn’t have said it any better myself and I feel the words you have written, in my own situation.
    It will all work out in the end, trust and beleive in yourself and everything will work out in your favor.
    Peace be unto you my friend

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