Kitty Hijinx

May Bast watch out for my little kitten.

So last night I get a call from this guy saying he thinks he may have found my cat. So we chat a bit and yes it sounds like Kanika.

But he has a really big dog so he and his wife gave her to their friend (and wife’s coworker) to hold onto until someone claimed her.

All well and good. I was going to go down to their work today and take a look and hopefully find that it is my kitty and take her home.

But this morning i get a call from the friend. He took her out to go to the bathroom and she ran off again!

Now I’m really scared cause she is all the way across the valley. I live in East (Deep) Sparks, she was shacked up in Northwest Reno. The outer rims of our respective towns.

No doubt she is trying to get home to me. But damn that is a long walk. Not impossible, we’ve all heard the stories.

My hope is that she is picked up by Animal Services. I’ll get a phone call when she is. But if she is trying to get home, she’s got a very risky journey and I’m scared to death she’ll get run-down by some motorist in her attempt to find home.

Please join me in prayers for her safe return.

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