My cat is gone… AGAIN

A quick check of my sanity balance shows its slid to the insane side. (End obscure Sims 2 Reference)

Kanika, my furball of terror, is missing in action yet again. She disappeared sometime last week. Around the 27th I think.

No sign of her.

I’m so tired of going to the pound, and so tired of checking through listings online of cats brought back.

Takes me back a year to about this same time. It was October 15, 2004 and it was the last time I saw my little Seven of Nine. Narc disappeared a few weeks later.

I put some signs up for Kanika, but I’m not very hopeful. The people in my neighborhood just weren’t very helpful before… when I know they had Narc. I put signs up for him the first time he ran off… Clearly he didn’t run far cause 9 months later, his fat self returned better fed than when he left. Clearly the people feeding him didn’t bother to take note of the signage.. or just didn’t care.

So my little cat, with her microchip in her shoulder telling the world who her daddy is, is likely abducted by some well-meaning family that just happens to be putting me through further stress and grief.

Any my ex-boyfriend makes me miserable too.

i think it may be time to effect sweeping change.

relocate to grid.

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