So something very weird is happening inside me.

Its about children. Offspring of my own.

I’ve always maintained that I’m undecided about children. But that is because I haven’t found anyone I could see myself being a parent with.

At least not until recently. When I talk with Mike about his daughter, I just see how it lights him up. The thought of her. One of the most endearing qualities of a man can be the love he has for his child.

And it happened a few weeks back but I was reminded of it again last night and then today…

For the first time in my life, I actually know someone I could really see myself being a parent with. It really is a weird feeling.

Not to say I’m ready to go out and adopt or knock up a surrogate mother or anything… but a future I can see is Me and Mike starting a family.

So I guess we’ll see how the future unfolds. 🙂

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