Post Holiday Blogging

So ends the Dark Holiday.

I must say that Samhain 2005 was far better than Samhain 2004. I had much more fun this year, even if I never did finish decorating my house (not that you could really tell).

Still, it did not go off without hitch.

Thursday I carved pumpkins. That was fun. Mike came with me and it was his very first pumpkin carving party. He has now been officially baptised into the dark holiday by witnessing the lighting of all 20 or so jack-o-lanterns at the Nelson Annex. If you’ve never seen so many Jack-o-lanterns lit up all side-by-side… you’re missing out on an awesome sight. Now if we could come up with acceptable Halloween Carols, we’d be set.

Friday was Captured By Robots who is probably the coolest band I’ve ever seen… but only because all but one of hte band members is actually an automoton. The story here is that the guy was captured by robots and forced to play in their band. Apparently each show (or make that tour) is themed. My introduction was the most fitting theme possible: Star Trekked (TNG). Somewhere there is a picture of me with teh robotic Counselor Troi. I will post it when I get a copy from Rick.

Saturday night I went out Bar-hopping with Mike in full costume. That would be my costume from last year that I never actually wore. The Borg outfit didn’t get completed. The leg armor only arrived on Friday and while I spent too much money getting more parts over the weekend, time was not on my side and I couldn’t actually sit down and put it together…. So I’ll leave that project for the coming year so it’ll be ready for Samhain 2006 (yes, the planning begins now). But back to bar-hopping. 1099 for a drag show. Lame actually. But mike’s friend Gina (who did all his makeup) was performing so what the hell. Then we hopped over to the Zephyr to see Rory, Rick, and Cheyenne as Depeche Mode (aka Leather Nun and her comrades) at the Cover-Up Show. Good times there. Then off to Tronix which was grossly over-packed. Still it was cool to be out with Mike even if all the little homo’s were giving us “who is mike with now” looks. Thats what I get for never going out with him in the first place. Now I look like new meat when I’m really the old ball and chain.

Sunday was supposed to be my party. That’s where the festivities all fell apart. I’m rather upset about it still… cause I dished out a few hundred dollars in party supplies… only to have a grand total of six guests (and not all at the same time). This annoys me because I had spoken to others who indicated they were in fact going to come and then flaked on me.

Those that attended will remain on my christmas list. Those that flaked shall feel my scorn. You’re all punks and missed out on what would have been an awesome party. There likely will not be another one next year. The last one I had ended up with similar turn-out (though that was because I picked a night with a show everyone was at.. and then they were too drunk to come over after). So from now on… i’ll be going to other people’s parties and you all can suffer without a Radcliffe event.

And finally the Dark Holiday itself. I was supposed to go out trick-or-treating but having spent the prior two nights wandering in costume through the freezing cold… I was a bit under the weather and stayed home. So all I did was pass out candy and fight with my Xbox which wouldn’t play Castlevania for me long enough to get anywhere to save my progress. Three hours of that stuff before I finally gave up. My Xbox is officially crapped out. I want to buy a new one cause I’m sick of having this one fixed (its actually the DVD-player in the console… which Microsoft apparently later replaced alltogether with another model… but i got my console on launch day so I get the drive that doesn’t work). Apparently though, there isn’t a means of transferring any of the downloaded content that I’ve paid good money for… so I don’t know what to do. Hopefully I can just buy a new one, crack it open, swap its harddrive with the one from my current box, and then go trade the old one in for some games or something. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll be lucky and my Xbox 360 will just be smart enough to go pull all that crap off the current Xbox and then it’ll all be a moot point.

At least I got rid of most of my candy this year. Still a half-cauldron full but that’ll get eaten rather quickly by the candy vultures living in my house. ;p

Now I’m back at work and aggravated. I need a vacation. But I have to wait til the next Holiday, Thanksgiving, before that’ll happen.

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