Destruct Sequence

So yeah. My life is all stress these days.

People insisting on fucking me over month after month after month. When you get one bad roommate dealt with, the other starts up.

And while the constant lack of prompt rent payments from one person or another is probably the worst of it… there are little things that are getting to me now too

Cummulative effect

Like my soda. I get tired of buying a 12-pack and only getting to enjoy maybe two of them… all so my roommate and his friends can drink them without paying me for them (or even chipping in on a general soda fund)

And then there is the constant rearranging of my house. Stuff is never where it was the day before and everytime I need to find something out of my room… i have to go hunt it all down.

Now my garage, which was quite messy to begin with, has been half-cleaned up but that only makes it worse because now I don’t know where shit was shoved and have no idea where to begin looking for the stuff I want to find.

My poor car needs its oil changed, a new serpentine belt, and at least two new tires… none of which can be purchased because I’m constantly covering other people’s rent which is putting me more and more behind as I have to pay finance charges for payday loans and the like to get the money where I need it when I need it.

So when I have money, like I do now, earmarked for my tires and oil, I have to go and spend it on rent or the power bill that went unpaid again or whatever.

I can’t take it anymore. No wonder I spend my life sick. Stress is killing me.

2006, it would seem, is not shaping up to be any better a year for me than 2005.

4 Replies to “Destruct Sequence”

  1. 2006, it would seem, is not shaping up to be any better a year for me than 2005.
    Then change it. It’s still early. šŸ™‚
    And if the roommates don’t pay rent, kick them out. You’re already paying their rent. So, what’s the difference? Put out the word you’re looking for new roommates, and get on with it, and your life. There’s no reason you should be subjected to that.

    1. I think actually its more that I’m irritated that it keeps happening. Like for the last two years I keep ending up in the this same place. A roommate (and they keep changing cause I keep kicking them out and getting new ones) just suddenly becomes highly unreliable after a period of time of high-reliability.
      And I’m just tired of it cause I haven’t been able to enjoy any fiscal stability as a result. I suppose if it weren’t my name on the lease, I’d be less freaked out about it.. but since its my rental “credit” at risk I’m kinda behooved to bust-ass and do whatever it takes to get the rent paid on-time. This has resulted in heavy borrowing from high-interest loan places which gets paid back, but the damn interest is killing me. Maybe I should just start tacking on these fees on the culprits. Basically I keep financing their rent for them and they get it interest free. ;p
      We got a new roommate joining us this weekend and then Mike is back on Sunday and will be staying with me…
      Both roommates, I think, are going to be forced to sign me a rental agreement so I have some recourse should this madness continue.
      And with Mike there and hopefully back to work soon, I think my peace of mind may be closer to my reach.
      I think ultimately though I want to take the next six months (hopefully with stable/reliable roommates) getting all my ducks in a row and then just up and move someplace I could comfortably afford all on my own.
      I’d move now but I have a dog and that complicates matters cause finding a place that will let me have him is tough enough… but the pet deposits it will require break my bank when the main deposit gets factored in.

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