Dream Log

Since I basically just woke from it…

I was with my former Step-mom, Rosie. We were in a house, not one that i’ve lived in so we’ll consider it a “stock-footage” house.

The neighbor girl came over and was depressed because the ghost that lived in her house had left and she was lonely.

Rosie pondered whehter the house across the street had a ghost I could go ask if it would go and keep the neighbor girl company.

At this I recalled something from “The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells” and went upstairs to fetch it.

I was dressed in all black with my trench coat on. (Hmmm… much like when I actually lived with Rosie as a teen).

As I went upstairs I raised my hands and put them in my “spell-pose” (Sorta like the Vulcan hand thing but with the middle and ring fingers together in the middle and all other fingers spread out)

Got the book and was flipping through it (moving from back of book towards front but had opened it somewhere in the middle) to get to the section on Death. Seems I recalled a section on drawing a ghost to you.

Woke up before I could get to that chapter.

I also remember another part of the dream, earlier in it I believe (I was tossing and turning, dreaming inbetween) that also involved Rosie but she was driving me somewhere at night… school perhaps… wherever we were going we were late. Some guy in his car recognized me (from earlier in that or yet another dream) and of course I could hear him saying this to his wife as he veered his car towards us).

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