Feel the magic, hear the roar….

Thundercats are busting lose on my DVD player with the assimilation of Season 1, Volumes 1 and 2 on DVD.

Thanks to my nephew for wanting it enough that my sister thought to inform me that 1) its out on DVD and 2) I am selected to sit and watch them with my nephew (my brother gets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle duty)

So I aquired, thanks to the multitude of gift cards i have amassed, to purchase both volumes individually at different stores.

Retail on this is around $110 and I spent about $30 total out of pocket (cause gift cards i didn’t buy are free money to me).

Now I can relive my childhood but I really really wish I still had Mum-ra and my other action figures to watch it with me.

So thanks Uncle Bill (as in the big big boss) for giving me free money to go buy this.

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  1. Well, got through the first two discs yesterday. I forgot just how well done this show was. Considering it is a decade-old cartoon, I was a bit surprised that it could stand on its own today and still keep me entertained. Hell, its animation isn’t much different from what we see coming out even today… particularly in the anime scene. Guess maybe it was a little bit of a pioneer in animation. 🙂
    Kanika and I had a good time watching it yesterday.

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