Possession of the Defiant

I think my car is possessed…. either that or my key-fob was experiencing its death throws….

A few days ago, my roommate Julio and I were sitting in our respective rooms when my car alarm starts going off. The car is locked away in the garage inaccessible to anyone on the outside of the house, but my heart sank anyway and I ran down to see what was up.

Of course I forgot my keys in the process and so had no way to turn the alarm off… So as I climb the stairs back to my room to fetch the keys, the alarm shuts itself off.

Weird I think, and I return to the car with keys in hand and turn off the alarm. It didn’t register the alarm had been triggered at all. Which kind of makes sense as I very rarely turn the alarm on when my car is garaged. Its almost like the panic button got pushed. My keys were in my pants and my cat was playing on them so maybe she triggered it, and then turned it off.

I don’t know.

But today, I’m cruising along to work and my auto-locks start going off. My car was already locked. But I could unlock it and almost immediately it would lock again. This continued for about a mile and then I got on the freeway and it subsided but happened now and again the rest of the way to work.

And then I get to work and park it and can’t use the key-fob to lock it so I had to go manually lock it.

My keys went through my last remaining load of laundry last night so I probably just fried the key-fob and it was randomly sending my car signals to lock the door.

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