Legacy’s Snowfall

So the first snowfall (in town anyway) of the new winter season finally happened yesterday. Not quite the “snow of the apocolypse” I had half-hoped for (it would be nice to cripple the town for a few days and get out of having to go to work tomorrow), but alas most of it has melted off the streets today.

At least it was a decent snowstorm. About a 1/4 inch of the whitestuff at my house. (Apocolyptic levels of snow begin at 2 feet.)

In other news, I picked up Star Trek Legacy yesterday for the Xbox 360 and beat it (on the default difficulty i might add) just a bit ago. It is my favorite Star Trek videogame of all time… but alas is much shorter than I thought it should be, particularly for something that was supposed to span all five series. I think if they had dedicated as much time to the TNG eras as they did Enterprise and the Original series it would have been better. It would have been nice to start it out with Picard and crew on the Enterprise D for several missions (as opposed to the one) and then move on and do some missions as Sisko on the Defiant. Next we could cut to the Delta Quadrant and have some missions continuining the overarching story with Janeway and Voyager. Since Voyager would have been all on its own, it could have either been easier missions suitable to a solo vessel, or… could have incorporated allie’s Janeway might have out in the Delta Quadrant… Voyager lends a hand to some aliens who join up in her “fleet.” Then we could return to the Alpha Quadrant only now its Picard and crew on the Enterprise – E.

Oh well. It was still great fun. Next I will play through it on easy because i have an achievement I can only unlock by beating it in easy mode…. Hopefully I can score some of the more difficult achievements I missed the first time (like surviving all missions without losing a single ship… i managed in all eras but TOS the first time round). Then I get to rinse and repeat in the hardest difficulty.

The multi-play on this thing will keep me engaged (pardon the pun) for some time I think. I finally have a game that makes me want to get online and play some matches. I’ve one one and lost one already. 🙂 Them Defiant class ships are tough. I’m glad they stand up to expectations in this game, unlike some other games I’ve played that particular ship in.

Well, I am now off to pick up some books.

Live long and prosper, frolicking gayling in the snow.

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