Imbolic whispers

Imbolic. It has recently passed. I got a bit of an explanation of what one should be doing for the holiday that my subconcious decided to reiterate to me while I was coming out of the dreamscape this morning….

Essentially the jist is that the seeds I plant today (well, for Imbolic) will bare fruit later in the year.

So the past few days I’ve found myself highly irritated. Particularly yesterday. Some of it is lonliness. Some of it is frustration. A bit of hurt thrown in for good measure. All cause i was flaked on… again.

But in waking this mornign something in my head reminded me that those particular seeds were planted already. Its too soon for them to have bloomed and I should stop fretting over them and instead put my mind to other things.

It served to lift my spirits today. I’m not as funked out as I was yesterday.

Hallowed are the Ori.

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