RadcliffeULC – First Sermon

It’s my first sermon posting on this site, and comes by way of a blog an acquaintance of mine posted on MySpace.   As it touches on something a great many of us experience at one point in time, I thought I’d share it, and my response.


As human beings we face many trials; some are simply just small hurdles that cause minor disruptions, well others are major roadblocks that shake up everything that you have come to know, who you’ve come to be, and every aspect of yourself that is not rooted firmly deep within your being.

In my own personal opinion I will let it be known that “That blows”. I try my hardest to focus my thoughts towards more of an “optimistic” outlook, yet be that as it may for what ever reason I have more often then not come to the conclusion that the glass is half empty. I believe strongly in the old proverb that states “That which does not kill you, Makes you stronger” sometimes though I would almost rather just let it kill me. All joking aside I just kind of wish that Life’s little lessons didn’t have to be so damn painful. I understand that with out the pain we would never learn from our mistakes and therefore all higher sense of logic and thought would no longer exist, but why does every thing have to snowball so quickly? Just picking up more and more consequences and setbacks along the way.

How is A person ever supposed to “Make it” so to speak, when none of the pieces life hands you fit the puzzle?

Or tell me why when your heart and mind tell you with every bit of certainty, that you are doing nothing immoral or wrong simply just by being who God made you to be, yet the majority of the world feels differently and wants you to change your ways, to conform to the impossible ideal of “normalcy” that everyone tries so dearly to hold onto, should you do it? Even if it means that you are going to be miserable, depressed, and that by outward appearances you will fit in or in other words be “normal” but in all actuality never truly feel a sense of belonging or stability. Always knowing that you are living a lie, and most likely developing a self hatred for not being able to be just like everybody else.


There is another proverb… this one from Origin, and is its most basic tenant:

There is no one true path, save your own.

The only ideals of normalcy anyone should live up to is their own ideals about that. There is a plan, and a path, we are all set upon and it is up to us to make that journey.
Life is always a series of challenges. Its to evolve us as individuals so that we exit this world better people than we came into it as. So while I’d like to say it gets better, the truth is it never really ends, we just become more adept at dealing with the curve balls thrown at us.
It becomes necessary to accept that we have little control over how life will play out. I consider life part destiny and part free-will. Destiny throws us the curve balls, free-will lets us decide how we react to them.

At the end of the day, despite any company we may find along the way, the path we walk is one we walk alone. The only judgement we need really concern ourselves with is our own. Before we answer to any god, we answer to ourselves. The truth of the matter is, we have to be true to ourselves, our own personal plan. If you’re not going to be yourself, no one else is going to do it in your stead. We have to discover for ourselves what holds true for our own self and not let ourselves get distracted, or limit our thinking, by the personal truths of others.

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