A first in Radcliffe History

Well, to my knowledge…

But the Church of Radcliffe received its first official request from an outside source regarding matters of Church business.

Namely, he is a ULC minister that has been asked to officiate over a couple of weddings here in the Reno area, but is not a local resident.  State requirements being what they are, he needs to list down a local congregation for which he is affiliated with.

This is kind of problematic since all we’ve done is talk about officially organizing, but haven’t done any of the actual leg-work involved.   To that end I’ve got an application en route from the ULC headquarters to get us properly registered as a valid congregation, which I sincerely hope is all that is required to enable us to fulfill this request.

But it was a hallowed day indeed to even get this request and I’m committed to doing everything in my power to ensure that Radcliffe, which is clearly something I’m passionate about expanding, is able to answer this call to service.

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