It Pleases Me To Announce…


It pleases me that the Caprica Pilot DVD has a short wait via Netflix.  

I have not yet decided when to watch it, but by the time I get around to returning all three of the DVDs I have out with them right now, it will probably be closer to the series premiere date in 2010.  assuming the Cylon in my head isn’t out to get me, the guess is that Caprica will be the SGU (Stargate Universe) mid-season filler.

Ah for the days when there were the holy three…   and they coulda done it too..   SGA, SGU, Caprica     

The SG1, SGA, Battlestar lineup were absolutely the finest SciFi fridays ever celebrated.  

Long shall they live in memory.  Good times with good people and SciFi that was only marginally bad, alongside, well, the best frakkin television ever produced (to date).  (So say Say We All!?!)

I had hoped that Caprica would magic(k)aly premiere on Caprica Day, which would be January 17th, 2010.   Wouldn’t that be grand.   Sadly Caprica Day falls on a Sunday and I’m fairly certain they’ll be making it part of the SciFi Friday lineup, particularly since they have nothing else really what with cancelling Atlantis and all.   It of course does not help that the great spirit of the BBC has decided to put the Who franchise on a bit of season-long hiatus. 

I did, however, finally set about to watching the much maligned Sarah Jane Adventures Series 2 and enjoyed it.   According the the gods of the internet, Series 3 films this fall (or something).  So i’m looking forward to another set of episodes.   I know there are nay-sayers to Sarah Jane but alas, for what it is (a british-family show) I think its well-made and a good 1/2 hour of television.  Better than your average SciFi original movie at anyrate.   

Also, the latest installment of the Doctor Who specials is available for those who actively seek it.   Planet of the Dead its called.    Jolly-good fun that was.

Fear not, I shall likely be making a push come the fall premiere of the all-new Stargate for you, my friends, to come spend some time with me on a Friday evening for some SciFi that’s only marginally bad.   The lineup will probably include Sanctuary which is also jolly-good fun as that series is set to return in the fall as well.   

Of course you could pay me a visit once in a friday sooner and watch some SciFi that may be a wee bit beyond marginally bad.    It is, afterall, the longest running weekly service that Radcliffe holds.   

I’ve alo got some Krod recorded that looks mildly amusing.    (Any tradition handed down orally, and anally, deserves at least a passing glance.)

Anyways, so ends my blog.

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