Cylon Invasion

So last night I was treated to some interesting dreams.   Funny how the stuff of nightmares is now sleep-time entertainment for me…. 

Well, save one particular piece of imagery that had my beloved little Leia suffering severe burns… I could do without that.  

Cylons, however, seemed to invade them.    Two eights actually.   One in a raptor flying above.. the other on the ground snapping the neck of the master-criminal whose crew I joined and then took issue with.

Except this guy was immortal because he arose from his neck snapping (which resulted in quite a bit of blood being spilled) and continued his criminal masterminding…
Smart guy though.  After so long, he’d tell his people… "Its time you went the way we all do…"   and then for the most part he’d murder them.

I somehow got told to go with half the money I was supposed to get for my part in whatever it was we did…   and his most faithful of assistants was taunted a bit before being allowed to depart with his is life intact.

No one knows what happened to the Cylons.

But then it all shifted to a conversation where I was trying to explain something about the finale to Gabe… at which point I had to wake myself up.   If I dwell upon the finale for any length of time, depression sets back in.

That show touched me rather deeply and I’m still struggling to cope with the fate of the Thirteen Tribes.

Yes I know.. I"m a freak.


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