Fog Dream

Today it is foggy outside.   Atypical weather for Reno.   Fog is a rarity in these parts, and when we do get it, it is usually short-lived.   Not today.   What makes it particularly remarkable is that it is now past noon, and the fog lingers.   It is thinning, but still clings thickly to the valley floor.


It was probably a trick of the light, but I could swear it wasn’t there when I went out to start up my car.   Yet when I went back out to leave, i looked about and wondered at myself that there seemed to be a bit of excess exhaust in the air.   But no, it was fog.


In the vein of coincidences aren’t, I did fall asleep last night focusing on the Dragon Rune of Fog Dream, Ratanan, and have been enjoying a foggy day today.   No recollection of any dreams I had though.

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