Are you smarter than a preschooler?

 Although I have managed to win the million dollar purse three or four times now on the Xbox 360 version of “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader,” the below puzzle nevertheless stumped me for a minute today.

Take a look at this picture:

Its a picture of a bus.   Honest.   Now look carefully. 

We’ll assume this is a bus in motion.   Which direction is it travelling?

Can’t make up your mind?   Look closely!

Still not sure?   Well neither was I (although now I feel stupid for not getting it right away).

Allegedly this picture was shown to preschoolers all across the country.    The predominant answer they gave was that the bus was travelling left.


Do you know why?    Well preschooler reasoning is thus:    You can’t see the door to get onto the bus, so it must be on the other side.  Therefore the bus is travelling left.

To me, its a fine example of how we tend to over-think things as an adult.   How much simpler might our lives really be if we approached the world the same way a preschooler does?

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