Can you supersize my happy meal?


Let me just say that removing toys from the happy meal is not really a step toward ending childhood obesity.  

The Supervisor of Santa Clary County, California, would like happy meals to be devoid of toys.  Unless a meal is under a certain caloric threshold, no free toys can be distributed for it.   (Aren’t I paying a little more for the toy already anyway?)   All for ending childhood obesity.

Noble cause.  Less-than-spectacular effort.

Why don’t we instead start with cooking food for children most of the time and relegating happy meal time to that special treat once a week or so.   That’s how I grew up, and I turned out just fine.  

It helps also if we stick the more wholesome, albeit more expensive, foodstock as well.   Walmart grocery centers just aren’t delivering you the best in quality food.   People say I look just like I did in high school.  I say its all the preservatives in the food I’ve been eating all these years.   (Well that and a healthy flow of chi.)

Lets just take the time to cook some food that isn’t full of fillers and preservatives.   All this ‘organic-‘ and ‘free-range-‘ type stuff you hear about… there’s something to that.   Plus it tastes better.   Why eat if not to enjoy the experience?

So yeah.  Keep the free toys.   Just don’t make happy meals a staple of your diet.   Time only comes to those of us who make it.   😛

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