Join my Call to Action!

Join the Cause!  Restore Down-payment Assistance to Americans!

Click the link above and call upon your representatives to get HR 600 moving again.

As best as I can tell, this bill has stalled since January 2009.   

The page above will give you more info, so you can make up your own mind and join the cause if you are so inclined.

One Reply to “Join my Call to Action!”

  1. I agree, DPA should be available now. The appraisal game has been reformed, and 1st time home buyer incentive has gone away except for ative military (they don’t need DPA). We have tougher guidelines for FHA loans now, what’s the worry? All the people that fell into Foreclosure over 3 years ago are ready to get on the bandwagon. Let’s cycle up again and get this business running!

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