We are not alone

Nope.  Sapient life, other than human beings, exists.  Right here on Planet Earth!

Chimp News:

Chimps and Dying – Surprisingly Humanlike:

Chimps and Tools – Rivaling those of Stone-Age Humans:
Chimp-made toolkit most complex ever found

Chimps and Fire – On the road to mastering the flame:

There are only a handful of chromosomal differences between modern-man and chimpanzees.   Some 40-something differences in chromosomes.  

Chimps provide us the best insight into the life and times of very early humans… our cave-men (and cave-women) ancestors from the stone-age.    Observing Chimps living their day-to-day lives is much like studying the wild-human in its native habitat.   Indeed there isn’t much difference at all between what we see in Chimp camps and what we see in the tribes of primitive men running around the rainforests.

It shall be interesting to see.   Human beings haven’t yet figured out how to live peacefully with one another… what will we do when the next race rises up and demands equality?

It doesn’t look good.    Chimps haven’t managed to peacefully co-exist either.   In fact, both Chimps and Bonobos (another close human-analog amongst Primates) are both known to hunt other primates for food… and sometimes sport.    http://www.livescience.com/animals/081013-bonobos-hunt.html      Chimps, by the way, are also known to hunt stealthily, getting quite and methodical (like special forces) once they enter another group’s territory… They’ll stalk their prey (other primates) and wait until one gets seperated from the group before jumping out and killing it…  very human-like.

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