Who I Won’t Be Voting For…

Election season has started again.   Once again my fair city is rendered ugly and trashed by a bunch of campaign signage.

I hate it.    Laws were enacted that prohibit people from posting signage on public property.   Except that the same people who enacted these laws gave themselves a loop-hole to avoid adhering to them.   No one can post signs, unless its for their election campaign.

Well screw you guys.   If you can’t be bothered to get off your ass and come knock on my door and explain to me why you deserve my vote, I can’t be bothered to vote for you.

If you are a candidate for office and you have uglified the city I live in with your signage, you don’t get my vote.   (Which probably means I’m not voting for anyone this time around.)

All you tell me with your sign is that you’re lazy (’cause you think thats enough to sway my opinion in your favor).    Your sign also tells me you aren’t conservation-minded… as you’re wasting resources (paper, energy, etc.) to make the signs that will just find themselves in a land-fill in a few months.   Assuming you bother to go take them down.

Oh, and if you’re a democrat or a republican, I have no confidence in you or your party, so that will surely prevent you from getting my vote.   If you’re serious about getting elected, and want my help, renounce your ties to the political parties who serve only to oppose one another, and run as yourself, not the candidate of [insert party name here].

So says the Stryse.

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  1. I’ve never understood campaign signs since they don’t tell you anything except a name and political party. What good is that besides making an association in your mind?

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