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  1. I’ve experienced that many animals are far more aware, with their own nuanced societal interactions and even spirituality. The problem is very few humans can interact with them on a level to learn this leading to the ignorant view that they are just cute animals meant to amuse us. 😉 These experiences (many listed on my blog) have made me far more of an animal advocate than I ever was before. I get angry when people just give away their cats and dogs thinking they won’t be impacted. I understand this is based in ignorance, but it’s still a struggle for me. Even the well meaning people at the animal shelters who fix an animal when they are pregnant, aborting their babies thinking the animal won’t be harmed. And then they wonder why the animal isn’t themselves for weeks after.

    As for this decision I think it went this way because the person they prosecuted was a documentary filmmaker who was trying to expose animal cruelty, not glorify it. But as I sit here and think I have no idea how to write the law so it covers people who are harming animals for profit and leaves out those who are trying to help the animals. I guess this is why I never went into law. 🙂 But no, the supreme court didn’t legalize animal cruelty, just the part that says you can’t have videos of it. However, we’ve managed to make these types of restrictions when it comes to children and pornography so I’m not sure what the difference is.

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