10 Pounds Lighter


Give or take an ounce.    I’m just pleased to report that my efforts to shed excess weight is showing results.  The first ten pounds toward my BMI-guided goal are done.   Go me!

It may actually be more like 15 pounds gone, but I can’t remember the actual starting weight I was at…   so I’ll go with ten for now since I know my present weight is exactly ten pounds less than the 220 pounds I remember from my last visit to the doctor.

The sad truth (not sad for me, but sad for those of you who are jealous of my success) is that the only thing I’ve really done on a consistent basis to lose the weight is PORTION CONTROL.  

Sure the plate looks emptier, but then again, we Americans are far too accustomed to a typical serving actually being two (if not more) servings at once.   Bigger may be better for Texans, but for the rest of us…    I tell you, take a look at portion sizes if weight-loss escapes you.   I’m not exactly eating all that healthier now than before, I’m just eating less at a time, and listening to what my stomach is telling me about its current content-volume.   Don’t eat until you feel full… eat the right serving size, than wait ten minutes.  If you still feel hungry, than you actually are hungry and can get seconds.   If you’re not, though, than you were full when you stopped.   Remember, it takes a bit for the brain to get the signal from the stomach so that you stop feeling hungry even though your stomach is full.

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