Foiled Again!

The place I work won’t stock any cups for the coffee.   We have to bring our own.   Environmental reasons they say.  I suspect its more about cost-savings.   While I get that styrofoam cups are bad  for the environment and all… I happen to know there are fully recyclable alternatives.

But no matter, a real cup, and not a disposable one, is probably still better for Mother Earth.   I don’t think the water cost of cleaning it outweighs the energy cost of recycling the disposable cups.

So today, we got new mugs sporting the new logo.   All in all very cool I was thinking, as now I’ll have a cup handy should I decided to drink the coffee here  (I’ve been hitting up 7-11 the past few weeks as the coffee is tastier, and easier on my stomach.)

Its a nifty cup in that the logo itself is heat-activated.   As the cup heats up, the logo becomes visible.   While they made it microwaveable (within reason), they neglected to make it dishwasher-safe.     The end result?   The darn cup will be ruined after its first use.  Or maybe the second.   Why?   Although I’ll remember to hand-wash it when I am loading up the dishwasher, past experience has taught me not to rely on other people to remember such.  I can’t tell you how many nice thermal coffee mugs I’ve purchased over the years only to have them destroyed in a dishwasher after having used the thing only once.    Okay, so they’re not really destroyed, but they’re no longer as nice as they were when I paid for them.    So I pay a premium for something that ultimately i won’t get to enjoy as the dishwasher shall damage its foam insulation, rendering it a regular coffee mug that leaks water from its now exposed foam.    Assuming it doesn’t become unglued from itself altogether and start experiencing the same kinds of issues the external tanks of the shuttle do  (namely flaking off and potentially hitting my beverage).


Another mug that would actually be cool that I won’t get to use.    Or at least that I won’t get to keep pretty.    ‘Cause I know it will wind up in the dishwasher sooner rather than later and that will ruin it’s heat-activated graphics.

At least the included beverage will be tasty.   🙂

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