Go Daddy! Go!

Today’s headline is inspired by my (still) favorite children’s book… Go Dog!  Go!    It was the book that I learned how to read with, and got me started on my literary hobby.

While reading is fundamental, it is not the point of this blog entry.

Today’s entry is all about the extreme pleasure I have from the fine folks at GoDaddy.   They are my new domain registrar…as I have finally gotten tired of AIT Domains and their less-than-spectacular technical support.

I’ve been with AIT for probably a decade now.   Their pricing is really hard to beat… except that you do get what you pay for… which is to say, they’re kind of like Wal-Mart.   Good price, crappy product.

Virtually everything I’ve ever needed to do with any of my domains (I have about a dozen) has required multiple help desk tickets.   Most things I should be able to do on my own via the website… and I do… only to wait the obligatory 72 hours for it to propagate around the internet and then find out, 72 hours later, that the change didn’t take.    Open helpdesk ticket.   They respond and close the ticket.  The issue usually isn’t fixed.   It has become evident in the passing years that they are more concerned about closing out tickets than they are at helping their customers.

I stopped hosting websites with them about five years ago.   They’re good for hosting, until you want to update your site.   At least in my case.   I tend to use the FrontPage extensions on my site as they do things I don’t feel bothered to code myself.   Except that with AIT, the extensions have a mysterious way of breaking every time I need to go in and update something on one of my sites.

I switched to fpweb.net for hosting awhile back.  They pretty much just do SharePoint hosting now, but I love SharePoint and it makes a great platform to build on.   The folks at FPWEB do an amazing job with their service.   Sure I sometimes need their tech support, but they are always very responsive, and more importantly make sure my issue is resolved before considering it a closed issue.  

(Incidentally, I am also a reseller for them, so if you need quality SharePoint hosting… let me know.   Although i will charge you the same hosting fee you’d pay yourself, you do get the benefit of a free consultation in getting your site initially up and running.   I’ll even build it for you entirely for a modest fee.    I was the resident expert of all things SharePoint while I worked for Microsoft Licensing, here in Reno.   I continue to be a go-to-guy on SharePoint at my current job.   I’m a freelance SharePoint consultant these days, as a side to my day-job.    But enough of my shameless promotion of the product.)

One of the neat things about GoDaddy’s service offering is that not only can I park unused domains… I can actually setup forwarding of a domain to another site.   The best part is that it’s free with my domain registration.

Take, for instance, the Super Profile of Stryse.    It is hosted off the SharePoint site I set up for the Church.   Unfortunately, you have to remember the long URL to get there.    No longer.   Although for some people it may still take a couple more days to fully propagate to their neck of the interweb…   from my computer anyway, you can now get to my site via the domain I just got transferred over to GoDaddy as a test-case.

Just browse to www.stryse.net     (as soon as I get them transferred over… stryse.com and stryse.org will take you to the same place)     Best of all, since that domain is now “hosted” on the Radcliffe site… if you have a RadcliffeULC user account,  you can use it to sign into my site as well.   (well, assuming I’ve given you permissions).

It’s that simple.   Finally those stryse domains are getting some use.    I’m going to set up sub domain forwarding next… if that works, than this blog will be accessible from http://blog.stryse.net   (without having to go through WordPress to do it… and thus incurring an additional fee).

I must say, I’m pretty darn pleased thus far with GoDaddy.    Hopefully I’ll never need their tech support, but the people I’ve talked to said they do a good job if I do end up needing them.

Plus, you know, they are sponsoring one of the Charmed sisters.  

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