Laughing at you, not with you

I’ve been seeing a few status updates on MySpace lately announcing the latest round of my “friends” who are making the switch.     I laugh with madness at them.    I get why they’re going… everyone else is…    (hell, even I have a Facebook profile… even though I secretly plot its destruction).

Me thinks they should read this article first, before offering up the details of their identity  (it’s also a good reason for switching back to MySpace):

In fact, the more I hear about Facebook, the more inclined I am to just delete my profile outright.    The article above, though, goes into a lot of detail on why I don’t much use Facebook.     

Of course the author is a bit behind the times.   I’ve been running my own “profile space” for awhile now… using my own website.   Now that I’ve finally gotten my domain out of AIT’s hands… you’ll even be able to browse to it easily.    (Try in about three days… after the domain updates fully propagate around the internet.)

Of course this Blog is probably the backbone of that anyway, so you could just stick around here.

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