Safe Journeys, Atlantis!

Today is the day…

The launch of the final space mission for Space Shuttle Atlantis.


Did you know that Atlantis has been the workhorse of the US shuttle fleet?   Its logged more flights than any other shuttle.

7 Cool Things you Didn’t Know about Atlantis

3 Replies to “Safe Journeys, Atlantis!”

  1. Atlantis has been my favorite orbiter for a while now. Partially because it’s so underrated. It seemed like Discovery got all the high profile missions and Atlantis was just forgotten as it went to the station all the time. So sad to see it go…

    1. She is definitely the unsung hero of our fleet. Although… I read somewhere that since NASA will have a fuel tank and booster rockets anyway.. that Atlantis may get a final, final mission next year courtesy of the Congress.

      1. I hope so, each mission is so important and valuable. I hate having to rely on Russia to go to space since they can then exercise that power and charge a lot more, which they are already doing. Hopefully the commercial stuff develops on schedule!

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