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The first week of May is already nearly over and…

They finally got around to putting up a sign on my building identifying the actual company inside it.   Now I can tell people to look for me in the Alere building.

Anyone who wants to should totally be able to wear an american flag on their t-shirt… even if it is Cinco de Mayo.   Mexican heritage is all well and good, but for mexican-americans to be offended by non mexican-americans choosing to sport the colors of their heritage (on their own soil I might add) is simply an excercise of the very liberty that said mexican-americans enjoy living here.   (EDIT:  That reads funny… its an excersie of liberty for non-mexican-americans to wear a flag on thier shirt… and its an excercise of liberty for mexican-americans to announe how offended they are by it…    such is life in the free world.   so both sides should suck it up and live with it.)

Freddie Mac wants more of our tax dollars… but they haven’t exhausted their avenues for getting their own revenue.  I know first hand.  They own the house I live in, and are taking their sweet time telling me how much rent I should pay and where I should mail the check.    Nevermind the countless other homes sitting abandoned and off the market.   I think they should liquidate all their assetts before coming to uncle sam for a hand-out.   but that’s just me.  (Thank you Senator Ensign for bringing this to my attention.)

Two Touch Engine Reports down, one more to go.   (Which will mean nothing to any of you.)

Mother’s day is on Sunday, did you get your cards in the mail?  I haven’t.  Bought them early enough too, but then realized that all the mothers in my life have moved and I don’t have current addresses.   Thus their cards will likely arrive late.   🙂

Now… to take a page from Joseph Mallozi’s blog…  time for the mailbag:

No-name writes:

Hi, what is your myspace address?

Stryse answers:

I think you should take a look at my pages on here and click the one that says Profile.   It will give you pointers on making the most of your cyber-stalking-of-stryse.    🙂    I don’t, however, accept friend requests from people who don’t have names, so you might want to get that worked out first.

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