The Cha Cha Cha


Got some bad news yesterday.  The Chihuahua is not doing very well.    As some back-story…   we began noticing she seemed congested.   You could hear it when she breathed.

So to the vet she went.  Turns out that she had a previously undetected heart-murmur and related to that, is basically experiencing congestive heart failure.  (Coincidentally, that’s the flagship program my company has for preventative care)

So she’s been on heart medication ever since.    Definite improvement for her.  Apparently, anyway.    Well she went with Gabe to Oregon to visit his mom last month, and we’ve noticed she seems to be having a lot of congestion again since her return.

Between that and other things, like an abscess on her behind that has been recurring, she went back to the vet yesterday.

She has a new heart murmur.   So she’s getting even more medication.   (Feeding time has become quite the chore…as we have to trick her into taking any medicine.)

Now I’m thinking the first heart murmur wasn’t missed earlier in her life… it simply developed later on.   Not a birth defect, but a condition that came upon her later.   One that doesn’t seem to be improving, but rather worsening.

Add to that, she’s have major allergies like her papa stryse.

The vet doesn’t put much faith in her chances.   Told us we were looking at about two years until her heart gives out.    She’s a stubborn and willful little dog though and I know she’ll fight it… and I, of course, will be doing everything in my power to ensure she has a normal life-span.

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