Boldly Going Home…


Today I learn I have a reason to return to my home town.   One would think visiting with my family would be reason enough, but apparently not.   Haven’t been to southern california in years.

However, Star Trek:  The Exhibition is now gracing a hometown museum.  I’ve seen much of it before at the now defunct Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton.

For example, here is me as a Borg Drone  (oddly one of my best color pictures to date):


I also already have a pic of me on the bridge of the Enterprise-D… unfortunately a minor wardrobe malfunction at the time keeps me from digitizing it for the blog.  

Now, it seems, I’ll have an opportunity to get that picture retaken. 

I smell a road trip in my not-so-distant future.

For more information on the Star Trek Exhibition, check out the Riverside Metropolitan Museum’s website:

Who knows, maybe I can pick up one of these spiffy Enterprise-Web-Cams:


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