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Items of note:

Return of the Dowd – Rise of the Compound

Reverend Rory, Sister Cheya, and Rikku have returned from their missionary to the laughing swamps (better known as Lafayette, Louisiana).    Their move restores the Reno Congregation’s clergy to full strength and puts our pastor back where he belongs, here in hallowed land of the Church (better known as Reno, Nevada).

Their choice in dwellings has expanded the Radcliffe footprint in Reno as well, giving rise to the all new Radcliffe Compound.    The Compound incorporates our old Reno Headquarters, the Radcliffe Abbey with the two newest additions to the Church Facilities:   The Library and the Pandorica.

That’s right, three separate structures to serve you, our happy Radcliffians, all in one place!  (more or less)

Rikkumas Celebration IV

The wheels of time continue to turn, and Radcliffe finds itself in yet another summer, ready to begin its festivities and bring joy and good times to its children.    The Rikkumas Celebration is often our first major event of the new Radcliffian year (which begins, of course, on June 1).    This year is no exception.  

What’s a little different about this Rikkumas celebration is that it will also serve as a ‘Welcome Back’ party for the Dowds and as a "Grand Opening" party for the Radcliffe Compound.

Festivities begin on Sunday, July 25th at 2:00 PM at The Library.

It will be a BYOB, BYOF, and BYOR affair.

BYOB = Bring your own booze (for yourself, or to share)

BYOF = Bring your own food.   We’ll have the grill, you bring some meat to eat, along with whatever fixins your stomach demands.  Potluck dishes to share are definitely encouraged.   Oh, and we’ll probably have some cake on hand as well.

BYOR = You know how we roll.  Radcliffe services are strictly Bring Your Own Religion (or not, its purely optional after all)


Radcliffe Store

Want to show off your Radcliffe pride?    The Church of Radcliffe has partnered with CafePress to bring you a host of Radcliffe-branded apparel and gifts.

Just visit the Radcliffe website at http://www.radcliffeulc.org/, click the Radcliffe Store link from the navigation bar at the top of the site, and purchase your goods.     A modest portion of your purchase price will go towards financing the Church and its activities.  The rest, well, goes to the cost of goods.   Things aren’t free, after all.    Many items in the store feature our new logo treatment for a clean, white background.


Radcliffe Community Online

In May we started rolling out social networking features on the Radcliffe website.   These features leverage Google Friend Connect, and lets you link in your online identity at places like Twitter, Facebook or MySpace with your Radcliffe Online experience.    We encourage you to set yourself up by visiting our community page here:   http://www.radcliffeulc.org/community

Once signed up, you’ll be able to use the social networking features on the Radcliffe website.      (Radcliffe Staff:  Please note that the social networking is independent of and completely separate from your radcliffeulc.org user account.)

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