The Incredible Shrinking Thermosphere


Crikey!   Our Thermosphere incurred a record collapse that has our scientists a bit baffled….  Thought I would share, as its not the kind of thing I expect mainstream news outlets to mention.   Just a note, collapses of our upper atmosphere aren’t particularly unheard of.   The magnitude of this one sets a new record for our space-age-record-books though.

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In other space news, it looks like Space Shuttle Atlantis may be getting a final, final flight to space afterall.   Congress recently approved a measure that includes adding one more shuttle flight to the manifest.   Atlantis would be the one in line to go.     Who knows, maybe our final space shuttle mission will be for space-science instead of construction.   ISS is, of course, slated to be finished with Discovery’s final voyage which until recently was supposed to be the last shuttle flight.

No doubt Atlantis will still be going to ISS, to deliver whatever spare parts and supplies we still have on the ground.   If they’re not building a space station, though, maybe they can get some science done.

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