I find it a source of amusement…   people who push the buttons of other people who have ‘the power’ to do nasty things to those who forget their manners.   Those who possess the ability to cast things like the ‘evil eye…’

I want a bumper sticker, not that I’d deface my car with it, that reads something to the effect of “It is unwise to Frak with a Pagan.”

Mwa ha ha ha ha.    Let’s just say that the people who wrong me are rather fortunate that I walk a Jedi’s path…  lest I be unforgiving of their trespasses and trespass with a vengeance against those whose trespass against me.   

Reminds me of the real Law of Three…   and there are those who are bound by this law… those who must revisit upon you threefold what you visit upon them.    Take care in your dealings with such individuals and be sure that your actions have honor-bound them to bless you instead of curse you.

Yes.  Fortunate are those who trespass against me.    Unless, of course, they keep it up.   Part of me revels in teaching hard lessons to those who don’t heed warnings…

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