Work-Life Balance


I am highly amused that this went to court, and more amused that the guy one…

I have long maintained that this sort of thing should be taken into account in work/life balance discussions with your employer.

We have 24 hours per day.

8 of those hours should be devoted to sleep, as you need a good rest for work or for home.

That leaves us 16 hours to split between work and life on a daily basis.

We in the US tend to have at least an 8-hour shift.    So that’s half the day working for a paycheck, and the other half working for ourselves.   

It occured to me, awhile back, the amount of time I spend with dressing and grooming that would be avoided if I didn’t have to maintain a certain appearance for work.   However, I’m also aware that I get two full-days a week off of work, where all 16 hours are for me.

I figured, for me anyway, it balanced out such that I was actually coming out a bit ahead, time-wise, on the equation.  Just a bit more time, net total, for life than for work.

So I consider myself in balance as far as my time is concerned.  

However, there is still at least eight hours of my week that I am doing something for the benefit of my employer that I’m not actually compensated for.   Especially since I’m one of those few employees in my department who actually comes into the office everyday.   If I worked remotely, I’d have less of an argument, as grooming wouldn’t be necessary.   of course I could also argue that I would likely still shower and dress and shave and whatnot even if I didn’t have a job.   The question is to what standard?  I’m content to sport some stubble and shave every couple of days.   Easier on my skin anyway (doesn’t care much for metal, my skin).

So yeah… I’m kind of with this guy, and at the same time laughing my arse off over the hilarity that anyone would take the argument seriously.

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