Exciting News Everyone!


Today it pleases me to officially announce my promotion.   The word “Senior” is restored to my official title.   

When I started at this company a little over a year ago, I came in as a Senior Reporting Assistant.   It was a step (or two) down from my prior job as an operations analyst.   But times are what they are and having a paycheck is better than not having one.     Plus it was kind of cool to say, for the first time, that I was a Senior-something.    Looks good on the resume anyway.

But last Decemberish, I was informed I was being promoted to Data Analyst, which is more or less what my old job was prior to this place.    I was kind of sad to lose the word “Senior” since I hadn’t had it long, but a pay raise goes a long way in making you feel good about something.   

I’ve know another promotion was coming, but received the official word today.    I’m graduated to Senior Data Analyst.    More money is also nice.   🙂

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