Let the preparations commence…


I love this time of year.   The church wakes up, and prepares for its big annual event, the Dark Holiday Celebration.   Samhain to the Celts, Halloween to the Americans.   An excuse to Party for we Radcliffians.  (Like we really need one.) 

SisterCheya called me yesterday to inform me, in real time, that Lowe’s was finally rolling out their Halloween stuff.    I immediately retweeted the head’s up to Gabe.





Sister Mary Mayhem was excited to hear the news!


When I arrived home I was greeted to a shiny skull, that is also a strobe light.   A good 97 cent find from the thrift store, to be sure.    I suspect there will be more thrift store finds in the coming days to delight me.

In related news, a theme has been selected for the Abbey’s Tree of Terror.   030 We’re aiming for a Pirate’s Christmas.     The Dread Pirate No-Beard will no doubt feel honored.   No word yet on what theme, if any, the Library will be going with for their tree.    It will mark only the second year that any particular theme has been applied. 



The S2K9 Tree of Terror!
I suspect we’ll be reusing some of that bone-work.


In any case, the To-Do list is posted and we have a lot of work in the coming weeks to prepare.   Things to build, wires to run, lights to install, a house or two worth of things to pack up.  There are, after all, only 73 more shopping days until S2K10, which translates to only 42 days left to get ready for it.  

100_0009_00  Me and the Dread Pirate No-Beard (S2K7)


Dark Holiday Celebration 2010

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