So glad this is not my commute…


Since I moved in with Gabe, I’ve not had to deal with the interchange to get to work for over a year now.   

I don’t miss these kinds of morning commutes one bit:



Yup, that’s this morning’s coffee spilled all along the interchange, more commonly known by the Renoites as the Spaghetti bowl.    Not sure why they call it that.    I’ve seen ‘spaghetti bowls’ of freeways before, and Reno just doesn’t have one.     Ours is more a four-leaf-clover design:


This is a real spaghetti bowl of a freeway interchange, note the greater complexity:


Reno’s just isn’t complex enough for me to qualify it as a spaghetti bowl.


Hmm.   Now I kinda want to play some SimCity.

5 Replies to “So glad this is not my commute…”

    1. Given my experience with the Reno Spaghetti bowl, I figure it was either a combination of driving too fast for those turns, or not having the foresight to pick the right lane to be in to begin with and swerving at the last possible second to make it onto the right ramp…. or a combination of the two.

      That interchange is our most accident-prone piece of roadway in Northern Nevada, and 9 times out of 10 its bad driving that is the culprit.

  1. Oh, the caffiene! The caffiene!

    …Reno has less of a clover and more a figure-8.

    Also, NNV drivers are technicallt some of the worst drivers, with one of the highest number of moving violations per capita in the country (Chey and I heard this on the radio as we drove home).

    1. I figured. 🙂

      I can’t help but think that part of the reason we have the highest per captia moving violations is because of how crappily designed our roadways are up here. Even really good drivers can have a hard time not committing moving violations around here.

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