Thoughts of Kanika


Kanika was my cat.   She’s been gone almost three years now.    Yesterday I received an email from the veterinarian that the shelter had sent her too for spaying when I adopted her.    It was a Happy Birthday email, as apparently yesterday was the shelter’s estimated date of birth for Kanika.  

I miss that cat.   I got her about six to eight months after my previous cat, Seven, had disappeared.   I had the sense that she was gone from this plane, and wasn’t coming home.    I picked Kanika because of all the cats in the shelter, she seemed to mind the least.  While everyone else was meowing and complaining about wanting me to let them out of their cages, there was Kanika making the best of it.   Thoroughly amused with what she had available to her in the cage.    The cat had personality.    Those are the cats I like best.

So I adopted her and after she was done with the vet took her home.     I didn’t have her long.   But I remember her fondly.   Always on the banister swatting me as I went by.   Insisting that I come into the laundry room so that I could pet her while she ate  (we kept the food on the dryer so the dogs would stay out of it).    She loved being petted while she ate.   Would hardly touch her food otherwise.    Always a character, that one.    I remember how she’d run down and harass my dog Dax anytime he got in trouble as if to say “yeah, you bad dog.  do what he says.”     :)  My little enforcer.

Fearless that one.   Once she got out and a neighbor found her and took her in.  They put up signs and it read  “Found:  Black Cat.   Smart, Friendly, and apparently not afraid of dogs.”    Yup, that is Kanika.   

That was ultimately what led to her disappearance though.   After Seven I wanted to keep her indoors.  But its hard to keep a cat contained.   She was smart.   She managed to get out a few times.    It was that last time I will kick myself over til the end of my days.    She had gone out the night before, and was waiting for me the next morning a bit stressed from the ordeal.   I figured she’d be good to stay in awhile.   But she went out again that night.   I still remember hearing her meow to come back in and me be too lazy to go downstairs again and open the door.   Instead I let my self slide off into sleep and haven’t seen her since.   🙁

Who knows.  One day maybe I’ll get that call from Home Again telling me that found my cat and she’s in a vet clinic halfway across the country.


With Seven, she’s been in my dreams to say goodbye.    Kanika I haven’t seen.    Maybe we didn’t have that same bond.    Or maybe she isn’t gone yet to say goodbye.    Wherever she is, I hope she’s happy and gets lots of petting so she can eat.


On a related note, Seven did recently visit me in my dreams, except she was in a new body.   Now someone at work has kittens to give away and one of them kinda looks like the new Seven.     Though I’m not sure.     I’ve been thinking about getting one.    But I’m still on the fence.   Already I four quadrupeds to care for, not to mention a biped I’m half-supporting.   Another wouldn’t be a huge strain, but it is a rather small house.   I dunno.   If it was Seven, I’d have to reclaim her.  She did, afterall, take the time to show off her new body.   Seems like she might want to come home.   But who can be sure?    For all I know the kitten that kind of resembles the dream-seven might already be claimed.

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  1. As someone who recently ‘reclaimed’ a beloved cat – do it. At least go and look, you’ll know if you should take the new version or not. But if you don’t it will bother you.

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