Hard Truths and Payback…


Hard Truth for today:     The lifetime you have spent cultivating a reputation for being an upstanding, decent human being is meaningless to someone who just met you.   (Be an upstanding, descent human being anyway.)


Keep seeing anti-bama stuff on cars these days.   Keep reading anti-bama stuff online.   Not that I don’t understand these people, but I do get a real good chuckle now that the die-hard Bush supporters know how the other side felt for the last eight years.    Payback?    More funny… these people insisting Obama is a one-term president.  I remember the insistence that Bush was going to be a one-term president too, right about this far into his presidency.    Payback?     One sometimes wonders at the grand design.   Maybe this can reunite the people.   Afterall, now we can all say we’ve endured a president we can’t stand.   (I’m sure there is one, somewhere in your lifetime, you wish hadn’t been elected.)   Wish I could be the post-homo-sapien archaeologist that ‘discovers’ the internet in say, some 1000 years from now and looks back upon our society.     Assuming anything of our digitalization survives, we’ve made their jobs a lot easier than the ancients made ours.

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