Job Security


I got introduced to one of our VPs yesterday as “he’s basically our second in command over reporting.”

Not officially, but the first in command does leverage me as a quasi team-lead, especially in his absence.   

Always nice to get recognition, if not actually paid, for your extra effort.   🙂

Actually I’ve been approached twice now about whether or not I’d be interested in a people-managing type of role here.    I do have supervisory experience but have never had direct reports.   I was kinda on the fence about it, but lately am leaning toward getting my feet wet in that world.   If I don’t like it, I can always go back to an individual contributor role.

I tell ya, this place, while not my dream job, certainly pads the resume with extra experience to help me out down the road.   Fortunately I like it well enough I don’t have any immediate plans to move on.     Think I’ll just continue to sit back and see where this ride takes me.

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