A War Decided


Well its sad news for me, but hardly unforeseen.   I’ve known I was on the losing team for quite some time now.

Myspace is no longer billing itself as a social network.  They’re ceding that to Facebook.  

The following tid-bit is the most telling as to the new direction:

"This is a recognition of an old defeat," Gottheil said. "MySpace stopped being the place to find and connect to friends a long time ago. This is reinforcing its value as what it is, a publishing site. Facebook is not, and will not be, a publishing site. So this partnership helps define and distinguish the two, and makes it easier for users to be active members of both sites, using each one for what it does well."


I must say, one of the glaring omissions in Facebook that kept me from initially getting onboard with that was the lack of publishing features that MySpace had.

At this juncture its a non-issue.   I publish via WordPress not MySpace.  

But don’t expect to see me embracing the winner.    I still don’t like Facebook and the direction they are taking the social web.    I share many critic and analyst views on how Facebook is usurping your online identity and how eagerly you’re letting them do it.

I’ve been using the internet for well over a decade now.    That’s a lot of time to spend cultivating your own online identify.   I’m sure not handing it over now.    I’m the only one who is going to own me.

I’ll continue to keep the Facebook page simply because I know that’s how some of my dear readers are consuming this blog via the status updates Facebook provides  (which gets there via Twitter btw).

HINT:   If you want to comment on a blog entry and want me to actually see it… Facebook is not where you do it.   You’re going to have to come out to my actual blog  and comment there:     Link to The Blog of Stryse

I do occasionally sign into Facebook to approve friend requests, but I don’t tend to linger there long.  While I may chime in on the most recent  postings I’m certainly not expending the effort to go back through the last month or two worth of comments you’ve made since my last login.

Plus they still can’t figure out that my email address is perfectly valid, despite my emailing them from it to tell them so.    My latest gripe is how Facebook has broken the back-button on my browser.   All that stupid like-button integration means you need to keep hitting ‘back’ several times to get to the page you were just on.

For the most part, news seals the deal that I’m exiting the social networking world.    That is, I’m not playing ball with the major player out there.    I’ll stick to some of the more niche sites I contribute too.   Maybe this will motivate me to do more work on promoting my own social network site, Jedi Nation.  I see Myspace’s exit from social networking as an opportunity for someone else to come out with the Facebook-killer.  Plus you’ll still see MySpace, Twitter, and even the darkness of Facebook getting status updates announcing a new post to this here blog.    I also signed up for Path, a new photo-based social network experience.   Its more geared for iPhone users, which I’m also not onboard with… so not sure if I’ll actually use it… but at least I’ve got the name reserved.    http://www.path.com/stryse

Of course, we can still go old-school.   Send me an email or something.    Just don’t send me any email from an @facebook.com address.    I won’t reply to it.   I’m not about to let Facebook keep a copy of our private conversations for their own world-domination schemes.


This just came into my inbox from one of my colleagues.   Since I got a chuckle, I’m sharing it with all of you.   (Plus, apparently pictures improves this posts ranking.)

Darth Beta Tester:


2 Replies to “A War Decided”

  1. I figure gmail already has my life stored, there’s no benefit to having facebook store my email as well. Though I post a ton on facebook I at least have privacy set so it isn’t going beyond friends without my permission. I know there are privacy issues, but I guess I choose to rank the increased interaction with people over those concerns at this point. To each their own. 🙂

  2. In fairness, I think Facebook has been responding to the privacy concerns… I know facebookers are in a lot better shape than they used to be. Though lack of competition never bodes well for me… Still, opportunity for someone to come along and do something clever. Zuckenberg’s attitudes on online privacy may be accurate in so far as his userbase is concerned, but it hasn’t escaped my notice that its an opinion informed by a userbase that is still heavily dominated by young people who have yet to learn the hard way on why they should be more protective with their information.

    I figure its kind of telling too, though, that I can get to things like Twitter or Myspace via the work computer.. but facebook is blocked. I always thought that was a bit fishy given that with MySpace you have so much more customization of your profile, which is provided by allowing you to link to content external from their site. To me this means MySpace is a potentially more dangerous website to be on since you’re exposed to a broader ecosystem of potentially malicious content.

    Facebook, on the other hand, is a lot more locked down. From a healthy-PC standpoint, certainly Facebook has that going for it.

    Hopefully all the concerns will prove themselves unwarranted.

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