Post Halloween Update


One thing I’ve learned about Halloween over the years… the stuff comes down a lot faster than it goes up.     We’re mostly all put away, but not before we had some fun.

This year I had a grand total of six children too scared to come get candy from me.   Three of these had to be physically picked up and placed on my porch, while the other three got-by with some hand-holding by the parents.

This guy gets much of the credit, sitting upon the porch and greeting the trick-or-treaters:

100_0782 100_0759

One of the terrified children… who has actually been too scared to come visit me for over a month now.   Getting her to take the picture was a real challenge… she wanted to escape!


Really, does my house look all that scary to you?

100_0838 100_0785 100_0788 100_0816 100_0819 100_0823 100_0833 100_0835

I didn’t think so either… but what do I know?

The exterior isn’t the only thing getting a make-over for the dark holidays…   now we have some pics from inside!


100_0841 100_0757   100_0771 100_0773 100_0792  100_0808   100_0832


We had more, but they didn’t turn out all that good.

All in all, a fun holiday for me.    You know you’ve done well when the people trick-or-treating at your house go gather their friends to come trick-or-treating at your place.  

But now its all taken down and my living room feels huge.

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