Sleeping in the Dark


I finally got to spend a night in my bedroom sleeping in actual darkness.    Its been over a year since I moved in there, and a good year and a half or so of frequent sleep-overs before then… so its been long over due.

There is this hospital across the street from me, and its bright.   All that light comes into the bedroom window (which overlooks the front yard).

So needless to say, I’ve not been getting shut-eye in real darkness for some time.    Gabe installed some new curtains though, so the light seeping around the blinds is now blocked from view.

Quieter too, what with two big pieces of cloth to help absorb sound.     Having always been a bit sensitive to light, my hope is that I begin getting more sound sleep now.   


In other news, these are the top searches related to my blog for the past week or so:

n33955, "mike anguish", spaghetti junction, stryse xxx


Stryse XXX.    Seriously?   Perverts.   Good luck with that.    I googled it (on Bing) myself and didn’t get anything good back.    The first link is to my dog’s myspace page and shows up because one of her myspace friends posted a birthday comment including “I love you Leia XXX OOO.”   Hugs and kisses, not nakedness.   

The other three results that search phrase turns up have nothing to do with me.      

3 Replies to “Sleeping in the Dark”

    1. its a daily challenge… especially with the never-ending construction they have going on now… and lack of their own parking facilities. The new mental ward is being constructed where the parking lot sharing my street is now. That should be interesting. 20 months of construction to go! Woot.

      Fortunately its the VA hospital, so its not catering to just anyone, which makes it more livable. Not much in the way of ambulances or anything like that to contend with. Just wish part of their construction plans involved a parking garage or something so that not only their employees had a place to park, but also their patients.

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