Tuesday is Green Beans?


Actually I don’t remember what day goes to what food from that song… if I could remember all the foods, I could sing it until I got it in the right order… but alas, no.

Ah… life at Scout Camp.


So the big snowing we were supposed to get over the weekend was pretty much nothing.  Today was only forecast as a chance of snow… and wouldn’t you know it, we’re getting more today than we did all weekend.   One of my coworkers sent an email entitled “Snow vs. Mustang” in which he announced he would not be making it in to work today, but would instead be telecommuting.   He attached a pic of of his snowed in car.   I wasn’t particularly convinced… I’ve unburied myself from worse… but weather reports confirm he’s in the part of town with some of the heaviest snow-fall.   Nearly a foot in some places I’m told.

Yup, its winter time.   


Went to Facebook for the aforementioned occasional friend-request approving… it must have known it was me, as it promptly decided to stop rendering pages correctly.   Smile   Those of you waiting for my Facebook friend approval should have to wait no more.   Unless you literally just added me.


Got an appointment to see a house tomorrow.   High end of my price range, but it comes with an extra bedroom, which would be welcome, and they didn’t seem to think there would be a problem with the dogs.

A couple of streets up from where I’m at.   I think its in an alley though, so that might be a no-go for Gabe.  We’ll see.   Most of my options appear to be of the duplex variety and I’m not at all keen on such an arrangement.   Plan to spend the holiday weekend pre-screening places to show to Gabe when he returns from his adventures in Oregon.

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