Wednesday is Roast Beef?

Or was that Monday?

The Glee cast version of Teenage Dream is arguably more catchy (as in stuck-in-your-head) than the original.    Still, I’m quickly becoming a Katy Perry fan.   Not that I disliked her before… but after watching some videos from her current album…   she’d be darn fun to hang out with I think.

That and she seems to really like things shooting from her breasts.


Anyway.   Just got in from the cold.   Checked out that house I mentioned yesterday.  We’ll dub it the Roberts Alley House for now.

I like it.   Roomy, and spacious.    A bit bigger than the current house.   Forced-air heating which is a must and apparently open to me having dogs.    Still in the general neighborhood.    Also its well fenced which will yield itself nicely to boundary-guard defenses.    I think if I had to choose between an alley house and a duplex, I’d go for the alley.    It might be removed from the street-side, but at least its still a stand-alone structure.    Duplexes are dubious, unless you have a cool neighbor.  

Plus, it’s a lot quieter in the alley than it is on the street.    That alone would be a welcome change.   

Downside is that its an alley, which doesn’t benefit from city-provided snow removal.   Seems the other alley residents (can we call them alley cats?) aren’t all that concerned with keeping it ice-free either…    Salt, however, isn’t all that expensive and whilst I detest snow-shoveling… I’m not above getting out there and actually doing it.    Perhaps we can lead by example and get it to become a community effort to keep our roadway clear.     Not the first experience I’d have with shared driveways either, so I’m sure I can manage.

Definitely on the list.   I’ll have to set up an appointment for my boy to go check it out when he gets home.

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  1. I think Wednesday might be soup. Soup, roast-beef, green-beans, and rabbit. Fridays, everyone’s just happy (I should say!)

    (At camp, the scouts went home on Fridays so we didn’t prepare them any dinners… and the weekends of course we staffers were all on our own. Note: The song was never particularly reflective of the actual menu.)

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