A message for conservatives…


The interweb is abuzz with political chatter on just about everything.    Print may be dead, but at least one can still read a book without enduring hundreds of comments exposing stupidity and simple-mindedness.

So much of it isn’t even discussing the issues.   Its attacking each other instead.   Now that we’re in the Obama years, its a whole lot of so-called conservatives making attacks on their fellow-americans who identify as liberal… except most of the time they didn’t self identify… they just have a different opinion so they must be liberal (because afterall there are only two possible conculsions anyone could make and they neatly fall into opposite extremes).  

Well before the conservatives bemoan the liberals again, lets remind you of something.

Those founding fathers you cream your jeans over?    Radical Liberals.   All of them.    Liberals established this nation.   Liberals paid in blood to secure the liberties you now enjoy.

No taxation without representation?    Radical liberalism in the the late 18th century.

All men created equal?   Radical and liberal as well.

Certain inalienable rights?    Only those handed down to you by your sovereign… which was the King, not God.     Those who believed they had inalienable rights from their creator?    Liberals.    (And radicals at that.)

A government that governs by the consent of the people?     Absolute crazy talk!

Do you see a pattern developing here?   

And this was well before our beloved constitution.    But then we ratified that and followed it up with the liberal agenda known now as the Bill of Rights.

Liberalism is what changed the face of the world and (arguably) made it a better place.

But what was liberal in 1776 may well be considered conservative in 2010.     Just remember who it was that got us here before you start taking jabs at your fellow patriots.     Liberals love your country as much as you do.    

The infighting needs to stop.    By and large we are all in agreement on what the issues are.   Its really the strategies to resolve those issues that we have differences of opinion on.     It is vitally important for each and every American to remember this… conservative or liberal, we maintain that we are all equals.    Equals!!!!   This means that your opinion and point of view are no more, and no less, valid than your liberal counterpart’s.     When you levy personal attacks on them just for having a different opinion you’re ultimately reducing your own credibility in the argument.   So much of the comments I read on news articles and such are just blatant smear.    No one is having an adult conversation anymore.    

Except the moderates, like me… but we generally keep silent.    Our liberal and conservative brethren seem to have completely unhinged themselves from rational thought and we’d just rather not engage people who favor simple-mindedness over critical thought.

Of course you just lament that we moderates are too clueless and out of touch to know anything.    Again, such sentiments appear to put you in the category of being of the mind that there are only two possible points of view to be had and they must fall on one extreme or the other.     Believe that if you must, but the reality is that the moderates in the nation have a much better handle on the issues than you do.   They’re not ignoring valid points simply because they’re coming from a liberal  (or a conservative since the liberals tend to dismiss any conservative argument even though they have their share of valid ones too.)

The reality is we’re all in this together and any solutions to our problems needs to work for all Americans.    To accomplish this both the left and the right need to move to the center.     Its the only way to govern a population of equals fairly.

Critical thought is the only way out of this quagmire.  The simple-minded thinking so rampant on the internet is directly in opposition to this grim reality and serves only to bolster the barriers to ‘fixing’ the nation.

As for you liberals… keep in mind that the above does apply to you as well, just in reverse.   Today’s conservatives aim to protect the liberal values of yesteryear..  they want to preserve all that wonderful liberal activism that our nation was built upon.   You need to give them a break as much as they need to give you one.

Just keep in mind… true and pure conservatism holds society in place.   Liberalism is what has historically advanced society forward.   Its only with a careful mix of both conservatism and liberalism that we can advance society in a manner that truly benefits the people of that society.    Its kind of like the tortoise and the hare.    If we are pure liberals, we work like the hare.  We make all these leaps and bounds but ultimately fall short of the goal.     Mix in some conservatism and you get the slow, but steady pace of the tortoise.    We all know who won that race.

Ours is an imperfect nation.    The US Constitution aimed to establish a more-perfect union but remember that is a relative.   It is more perfect than what came before.   Our founding fathers left a lot of work undone in the constitution.    Later generations carried on that work and today’s generations are carrying it on as well.     Treating each other as adversaries won’t bode well for America or her people.    We all love our country and want to see it do right by its people.    

So lets start having the adult conversations our elected representatives seem incapable of having.    Lets let civility rule us.    Lets treat each other with the love and respect a fellow American – nay, a fellow human being – deserves.    If you’re really a conservative, try conserving the particular value that all men (and women) are equals and as such  you’re not so special that your opinion has greater weight.

So sayeth the Stryse.  

4 Replies to “A message for conservatives…”

  1. Very well said! The entirety of the election season was simply name calling and obscene and blatant disregard for any real issues. There is nothing productive going on in the perceived (granted, the media is less than worthless nowadays) work that is being done, or not being done in the senate. Why can’t we utilize experts to help us solve these problems rather than life-long politicians? I don’t have a clue what it will take for our country to move past this. It seems as though it only gets worse with each year.

    I can only hope that our generation will be a true voice of reason, being that everyone who is in it, is sick and tired of the bullshit that is spewed from the mouths of the news anchors, the blatantly retarded candidates and those currently in office. The middle ground is the way this must go, so extreme neo-conservatives and neo-liberals need to shut up and let the real thinkers move us out of this abject country-wide intellectual poverty that seems to have developed over the last 20 years!

  2. I think most of who we have to blame for the infighting and polarization is the secret third party of America – the media. Much of what has been happening in the last few decades, in regards to political discourse, has been sensationalized to such a point that it is more than reminiscent of the yellow journalism we experienced at the beginning of the 20th century.

    Sure, people should know when a politician is a hyppocrite – (John Edwards comes to mind) – but the personal problems of the average politician are, well personal, and don’t really belong in the news or necessecarily reflect on their legislative ambitions or agendas.

    Also – the founding fathers were a mix of what we would call radical liberals and radical conservatives – radicalism, or extremist non-normative views, was the common denominator. They disagreed on EVERYTHING, from whether or not there should be a federal bank and if the turkey or eagle should be thee national bird. But they managed to get the job done – that’s another big difference between the states men of then and the politicans of today, and I’m not even referring to lame duck sessions. Part of this was due to the influence of the Masons – a group where rational men would converse in private (mainly due to their seditious opinions), about social issues, without regard to personal religion or philosophy. Oh – and it was Lincoln and the Republicans that freed the slaves, ftr. Conservatism has done a lot of good in its time and place.

    1. While i think the secret third party has definitely had a hand in it… the two greater evils that come to mind are the lack of any citizenship education for our youth, and the failure to teach critical thought. You might get the latter through college, but the citizenship part… well you need to be an immigrant before we’ll teach you that. Armed with these things, the population would stand a better chance of seeing through the media games, no?

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