“Not good enough,” says nurse consultant and travel expert Anya Clowers of “Parents are making the decision to hold a child based on the assumption it wouldn’t be allowed if not safe. But what parent has time or the desire to research the FAA website? These warnings should be on travel or airline websites so people can consider the safety factor before booking tickets.”

Um, the parents that care about the safety and well being of their children?   If that isn’t desire enough to do your due diligence, the child is likely doomed anyway.   Although I agree, the warnings should be in more places than just the FAA website.

In the "Lord of the Rings" books, hobbits were rescued by giant eagles, but real-life hobbits might have been hunted by giant storks, scientists find.

I agree with pat-407814.   Those aren’t hobbits, they’re baby humans.  Storks have been delivering them for years.   Clearly this island is where the storks grew the babies prior to delivery to expecting parents.   Doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure that out.  Sheesh.     😛

John Roach writes:Add the sonic screwdriver wielded by TV’s favorite Time Lord in Britain’s hit sci-fi series "Doctor Who" to the list of seemingly far-fetched gadgets and technologies wending their way to gift boxes in the real world.

The device under development by engineers at Bristol University is more mundane than the fictional sonic screwdriver, but it’s still impressive. It uses ultrasonic waves, which are beyond the scope of human hearing, to apply forces to objects.

Fraking awesome.   ‘nuf said.

"Everyone is aware that they are illegal but they feel that it is a worthy cause and the possible outcome outweighs the risk," he said.

(For context, this is in regards to Operation Payback, which is a response to companies who are cutting their ties with Wikileaks.)    

Generally speaking, acts of civil disobedience tend to be illegal acts.   So was the treason that led to the American Revolution.    As someone commented on a related article…  as the British learned in 1776, when the oppressed get ideas like freedom firmly lodged in their heads, its game over for the oppressor.

And as someone else commented… Wikileaks is just delivering on Obama’s promise for a transparent government.

Officially I neither condone nor condemn Wikileaks.    Its been a fascinating series of events to watch play out.

Signs like "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" have been raised at military funerals, and the church announced its latest action with a press release titled "God hates Elizabeth Edwards."

How can they really claim to be baptists?   Baptists are Christians, which means they accept the New Testament.   Jesus was pretty clear in there that God simply does not Hate.   He Loves.   Unconditionally.    God doesn’t hate.  (it bares repeating)  Churches that preach otherwise are clearly following another god altogether.    (Except God Hates Reno!)

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